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Wings + Horns

Wings + Horns

Founded in 2004 by Craig Atkinson between Tokyo and Vancouver, wings + horns combines Canadian and Japanese elements. This lifestyle brand is known for their simple silhouettes, classic materials and workwear style. A little bit sporty and a little bit utilitarian, this contemporary line typically features a neutral color palette and reworks classic menswear styles with a rugged and modern twist. Once known as a streetwear label, this men’s line has evolved into a contemporary classic collection of refined menswear pieces. Their usage of innovative fabrications (like neoprene, twill, gore-tex, tiger fleece and pimaloft) sets them apart from other sportswear labels in the same vein. Welcoming designers with backgrounds in engineering and construction, wings+ horns has designing clothing in which form meets function down to a science. Taking inspiration from paratroopers and military personnel, this Canadian brand hits the nail on the head when it comes to simple classics reinvented. The defining features of wings + horns continue to be great fitting clothing created with extensive detailing, high quality fabrications. This season, wings + horns offers an abundance of piqué hoodies, their classic leather sneakers in neutral colors and slim-fit pants in various colors and fabrications. Shop our selection of cozy basics, simple sweatshirts and leather sneakers. 

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